Mission Statement

Connect the Pieces, a project of Supportive Housing and Innovative Partnerships (SHIP), works to prevent drug abuse in our community, rebuilds the lives of people in recovery from substance abuse by providing supportive housing, recovery support services, employment training programs and green job opportunities.

A powerful PSA by the students of The Performer's Academy on the prescription drug and heroin epidemic in this country. Every 19 minutes we lose one life to an rx overdose. The face of today's heroin addict is quite different from years ago. The national age of overdosing is between 18-25 years of age. Please get informed.

In 2008, 15.2 million Americans age 12 and older had taken a prescription pain relievers, tranquilizers, stimulants or sedatives for nonmedical purposes at least once during the year. (NIDA, 2010) Prescription drugs are both effective and necessary in the treatment of various health conditions. However, the misuse of prescription drugs is dramatically rising in Idaho and the United States. Studies show that 70% of the persons misusing or abuse prescription pain killers get the medication from friends or relatives! Less than 5% get them from drug dealers or the internet.

In December of 2011, the National Center for Health Statistics reported that drug induced accidental deaths exceeded traffic fatalities and are now the leading cause of accidental death in the US. Ninety (90 %) of the drug related deaths are due to prescription drug abuse. Non medical use of prescription painkillers cost health insurers up to $ 72.5 billion annually in direct health care costs. (CDC, Vital Signs, November 2011)


A crucial first step in tackling the problem of prescription drug abuse is to educate parents, youth and patients about the dangers of abusing prescription drugs while requiring prescribers to receive training in the safe and appropriate use of these drugs.

Your Nightstand. Their Drug Supplier:
What is in your medicine cabinet? On your nightstand or on the kitchen counter? In your Purse? Naturally you keep prescription medicine and cold and cough remedies handy for you to take when needed. But, they are also handy for teens or others to take without you knowing it. People believe that since the medicines were prescribed by a doctor, they provide an inexpensive, legal and “medically safe high.” In the case of OTC remedies, most of us have grown up taking these medicines for common illnesses, such as fevers, colds and coughs. So many believe that it is safe to take these drugs whenever they choose.

More Americans now die from prescription pills than car accidents. The nation's response to the trend will define an era, but corporate influence threatens reform.

The 10 Most Dangerous Drugs Driving America's Pill Crisis
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