The Dawn of the New Age of Addiction Recovery: Quantum Healing - The Healing of Mind, Body and Spirit

The dawn of the new age of recovery is here and its holistic approach based in Quantum Healing theory, is well received by recoverees who are experiencing favorable results. Quantum Healing is a type of energy healing that utilizes natural methods, working with the powerful life force energy that exists within the body. Recoverees who feel powerless over their chronic disease of addiction begin to feel empowered, discovering they are power-FULL in sustaining long-term recovery!

We are FED Up with the Epidemic of Addiction!

To say we are fed up with the epidemic of the disease of addiction is an understatement. W¬¬¬¬e are just as fed up with the pain, suffering and death caused by the disease of addiction as we are of that caused by the disease of cancer and diabetes. We are fed up with the destruction each has caused in our families and our communities.